The science of DNA & Epigenetics to optimize brain function, health and wellness through targeted individualized recommendations.

Want to know how genetic testing can help you?

Your genes make you unique and holds all the answers. Learn how to work with your genetics to optimise your mood, cognitive function, and general physical health.

Would you like to know why you may not be sleeping well?
The reason you feel anxious
Why coffee keeps you awake and not your partner?
Why you seem to lose weight on a high fat diet?
What your genes say about your sleep

And how you can use targeted supplements, peptides and lifestyle changes to correct and modify the impact of these gene variants…

How it works

Apeiron is a world leader in the field of genetics and epigenetics. They use a proprietary genetic array of over 760,000 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and run the only Academy for Epigenetic Precision Performance Coaching Certification in the world.

Send Apeiron your Sample

You can order your kit directly from them here. Your DNA kit will arrive with everything you need to send your sample to Apeiron labs quickly and safely. You will need to nominate Ryan Morgan as your Epigenetics Coach in order to obtain reporting results.

Get your results

Your certified Epigenetic Performance Coach will then generate and produce a comprehensive report and interpret your data to create your personalized blueprint and recommendations.

Get your results

Book in a time with Your Performance Coach, who will speak to you in an hour session or 1.5 hour session  to briefly explain the most significant aspects of your personal DNA blueprint and show you how you can begin to design your lifestyle to achieve optimum performance.

Who can this help?

Enhanced Performance
Individuals looking to go to that next level in their performance both physical and mental, on the field or at work. Knowing how to eat to fuel, what supplements to take to address limitations, thereby harnessing the power of your genes, improving quality of sleep, leverage your unique strength, muscle, and endurance profile to take your fitness and Brain Performance to elite levels.
Precision Nutrition
Individuals who are looking to unlock the ideal precision nutrition plan, based on their genetics and specific food preferences and not fad diets to support weight management, energy levels and overall general health.

Optimized Living

Individuals interested in thriving, maximizing their chances of living longer and healthier; Unleash your full potential using our whole-systems approach and perform at peak in every domain of your life.

Ready to begin?