Peak Performance

Operating at peak performance starts with
knowing how to optimise how well your brain works.

As an executive or athlete at the top of your game, or a successful professional or entrepreneur it’s essential to be laser sharp, results focused and one step ahead of the pack. Whereas most may know that looking after your physical health and your mental wellbeing is a given if you are to sustain being a high performer, looking after your brain health is likely more important.

Peak Performance in everyday life becomes about being able to focus fully, act calmly, sleep soundly and think clearly. It is about having the ability to keep the mind clear, sharp and flexible as the demands and environment change.

It is about the ability to ramp up to optimal functioning as and when needed and then relax afterwards and not become stuck in an unhelpful state of mind such as anxiety or anger or disappointment that can throw the rest of your performance off.

Engagement and arousal regulation are critical among the many variables that contribute to brain states, and a top performer who can exercise volitional control of these aspects of brain state has a supreme advantage in their field.

Operating at peak performance starts with
knowing how to optimise how well your brain works.

brain training
mental training for peak performance

It all starts with ensuring the hardware in your skull is in top shape. Professional athletes have many tools at their disposal such as high-tech sports equipment, state-of-the-art facilities, trainers and nutritionists. However, training for peak performance requires more than just physical fitness which is why many such elite athletes are incorporating brain training and brain boosting treatments like neurofeedback into their routine. Neurofeedback and tailored brain training games that work all parts of your brain (and not just focus on one element) are tools increasingly being used by athletes and non-athletes such as students, musicians and executives to achieve that optimal intellectual potential and remain at the top of their game.


Peak physical performance requires regular training to build muscle. 


So too does peak brain performance and as implied, requires a committment of regular ‘ brain training’ over a 6 to 12 month period inorder to see lasting changes and realise ones full intellectual abilities. Neurofeeback is measuring something that’s happening within your brain (Electrical activity-Eeg) with technology and using this data to develop a skill or change your performance in something, such as a game or video.  Neurofeedback can train and teach you to call upon the most beneficial state to perform in when under the environmental circumstances presen


Peak Performers from Olympians to the heads of fortune 500 companies are known to have sought out neurofeedback and neuroperformance enhancement to enhance their energy efficiency and sleep quality, their cognitive flexibility and to re-set their autonomic nervous system. This system regulates involuntary physiological processes such as heart rate and blood pressure. Re-teaching the nervous system to not over-fire unless it really needs to can make a significant difference in performance. Think of it as being better equipped, through training our brain and physiology to turn on and off, and to optimize to be more resilient and adaptive as the environment demands. For example, a golfer or lawyer might use neurofeedback brain training to learn how to ‘turn off’ some of the anxious sensations (rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, poor memory retrieval and muscle rigidity) that they experience when they are putting or performing. Over time, the brain learns how to adapt better and quicker to stressful conditions, be that a game, work presentation or sitting for an exam.

In our view, for anyone seeking to improve their performance, although the brain and training the brain to work at its very best is of central importance, a whole person, systems approach should be applied. This seeks to address nutritional needs of the brain and body, including exploring if nutriceuticals/nootropics may be of benefit. It will focus on the scientifically validated importance of sleep and its role in preserving optimal brain functioning. It will support you to ensure you are exercising and engaging in effective stress management. 


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At neuroperformance, we also employ the latest in neurotechnology and neuromodulation to assist the brain to achieve the desired outcomes