Neuroperformance came about out of a deep desire to help individuals realise and reach their full potential whether functioning below their optimal brain and mental health, or already doing well and wanting just that little bit more.

Every human is unique in the way they develop disease and in how they respond to treatment and current diagnostic frameworks, although helpful in some respects, simply do not help to explain the drivers behind the issues or poor performance. Traditional approaches, although helpful, focus solely on what their field can offer more often ignoring that we are a complex system that requires a systems approach.

This led to the establishment of neuroperformance that considers the psychological, biological, social/spiritual and environmental factors that all intersect to impact on our wellbeing and ability to achieve an optimal performance state.

Taking a science based, multi-modal approach to how we perform, Neuroperformance focuses on an individual’s ultimate driver of wellbeing and performance, the brain. Our brains are highly neuroplastic and change, improvement and enhancement are indeed possible where all systemic factors/drivers behind the issues are considered and addressed. 

Ryan Morgan
Ryan Morgan

Ryan Morgan is a registered psychologist with post graduate training in non-medication based approaches for addressing conditions for such as sleep disorders, ADHD, stress and burnout, depression, anxiety and  peak performance for students, athletes and professionals. Including his training in psychology, Ryan has further trained in nutritional medicine for mental health (CMHIMP),brain health coaching, evidence based neurotherapies such as neurofeedback, tDCS and rTMS, as well as clinical hypnosis for the prevention and treatment of brain based dysregulation.

Ryan’s career and expertise were built though working in various psychiatric, psychological and neuromodulation clinics, as well as having managed a successful corporate senior management career. He has over the last few years further developed as one of Australia’s only psychologists with skills in the areas of family business and wealth psychology, supporting high to ultra-high net worth families to successfully transition their legacy to the next generation through preserving family relationships.

He believes that most current day sub-optimal functioning stems from the way we live and the environments impact on us. As such, he values the importance of a whole person, integrative and tailored systems approach to addressing each individual as a unique person.


2015 – 2016

Health Schools Australia

Post Graduate Diploma Nutritional Medicine Mental Health.



NSW Institute of Psychiatry 

Post Grad Cert Child and Adolescent Mental Health



Charles Sturt University

Post Grad Dip Psychology



University of South Africa

BA Psychology & Economics



Neurotherapy Institute of Australasia/ Eeg Spectrum 2006

neuroCare certification course 2018

Multiple advanced courses from 2009 to 2015


neuroCare certification course 2018

Clinical Hypnosis

College of Medical Hypnosis

Certificate of Clinical Hypnosis 2013


Resolution Institute course completed Dec 2017

Nutritional Medicine/Brain Health Coaching

Amen Clinics 2020

EpiGenetics Coaching/Peptides

Apeiron Zoh Level 1 Certified 2022

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