This page contains some products that I use and recommend within my clinic following appropriate assessment. If you have not had the appropriate medical advice, please consider obtaining this before purchasing to ensure the product is right for you.


I do not sell these products. The below provides a brief outline regarding use and benefits and links to where you can find out more about the product as well as where they can be purchased. They are products I have used and reviewed and believe to be good quality. If you click on a link and purchase any item through that link I may receive an affiliate commission for any purchase that you make as a result of the referral, at no cost to you.


Blue Light Blocking

Blue light is what our eyes register to tell our brain when to make or stop making the sleep hormone Melatonin. Blue light exposure at night is strongly associated with  the growing number of sleep problems being found in the population and can be easily address by wearing Blue Light Blocking glasses. Orange-Amber lenses block out the most and is best for night time sleep support.


NoBlue Amber Reading Light

Many do not realise just how sensitive the melanopsin receptors in our eyes are to the blue light spectrum. You may avoid having your house LED lights on all night only to go to bed and read with a dim bedside lamp exposing you to blue light and assuming no impact.  Even this light will impact on your levels of melatonin which will change the quality of your sleep. Try using a NoBlue light book lamp from BlockBlueLight store. 

Blue Light Therapy

Exposure to blue light at the wrong time can alter these clocks and cause serious health consequences due to disruption of our sleep quality and timing. Multiple studies now show that we can actively manage our biological clocks, sleep patterns and mood through the use of Blue Light Therapy. If you want to increase energy and performance, lift Mood, manage SAD or jet lag, check out the  AYO advanced technology wearable light therapy device.


Meditation has demonstrated its effectiveness on improving the brains functioning, improving mood and cognitive performance. However, for many this is a painful experience and can often be counterproductive, increasing their stress and anxiety due to frustration in not being able to quieten the mind. MUSE will give real-time feedback on brain activity to help you focus and known when your brain is in the zone.


This is my preferred nutraceutical for focus, attention (ADHD) and memory. It is the only Nootropic listed by the Therapeutic Goods of Australia. This means it’s claims are evidence based. The combination seeks to balance neurotransmitters. Neuroperformance clients get 10% off with buy now.


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